24x7 Remote IT Services

Empower Your Workforce with Remote IT Solutions

One of the biggest shifts — and challenges — for businesses these days is maintaining productivity for remote employees. Remote work arrangements are complicated and they can overwhelm businesses that don’t have the tools and experience to maintain them. Fortunately, Integrated Computer Services offers a host of solutions to make your remote IT experience cost-effective, simple, and reliable.

Whether you need to deploy cybersecurity tools or provide IT support for your remote team, ICS is here to help. We will help ensure that users have all the productivity and support tools they need for their remote work experience to be as smooth as possible. Our team of highly-skilled IT professionals will be on call to help you eliminate remote technology issues affordably and effectively.

With our remote IT services, you’ll enjoy:

  • Immediate remote support and helpdesk support when you need it
  • Unlimited on-site support for escalations and installations
  • SSL-encrypted, highly secure desktop remote connection
  • Fast response times of 30 minutes or less for critical emergencies
  • Unlimited remote help desk support for a flat fee

Give your remote workers a big boost

Remote work arrangements are here to stay, but don’t fear — with Integrated Computer Services as your IT partner, your remote workers will have the tools they need to keep your business productive. We will also ensure that your business data remains secure and protected, but readily accessible for your remote team to use.


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