ICS Core Values

Leave your IT in our team’s capable hands

Our core values are ingrained in
everything we do

Integrated Computer Services is grounded in unwavering core principles honed over our 12+ years of dedicated service. Our committed team lives and breathes these principles, so you can rest easy knowing that your company’s IT is entrusted to the very best in the industry.

Our core values are ingrained in everything we do

G.A.P.P.I.T. The pillars to our team’s success


Take steps toward improving personally and professionally, and help your teammates and the company itself grow and reach their potential. Company profits mean your profit, as our growth allows for higher salaries, bigger bonuses, and better benefits for all.


Take responsibility for your actions both good and bad. Everyone makes mistakes, but how you handle and own up to those mistakes is extremely important, and the only way to learn from them is to admit to them in the first place.


Always approach everything you do with a positive attitude. From starting your workday to taking on a new ticket or task, a positive outlook will make a huge difference in the way clients view our company and a better outlook can mean the difference between a happy client and an angry one.


Have passion not only for what you do as a technician, but also for the company. The more we invest ourselves into the company, the further the company can go, taking us all along with it.


Your reputation is ICS’s reputation. Stand behind your efforts with unwavering integrity. Clients who trust in our commitment to quality and integrity become our most loyal advocates.


None of us are alone, we are all part of a team. This means when something goes wrong or there are difficult challenges, everyone has each other’s backs.