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Proactive, comprehensive IT services and support to keep your office technology running smoothly at all times


Why does your business IT break down all the time?

Setting up and managing efficient and productive IT infrastructure is a full-time process that needs expertise and constant supervision. Without these powerful technology solutions, your organization won’t be able to reach its potential. Furthermore, you didn’t get into business to manage office IT, so why waste time and money trying to do so? What you need is a professional Managed IT services company like Integrated Computer Services to handle your technology for you.

Our team of engineers has decades of experience in helping small- and medium-sized businesses across New Jersey solve their technology challenges and leverage their IT to meet their business goals. We’ll proactively monitor and manage every aspect of your office IT. If any problem should ever arise, we’ll quickly resolve them before they disrupt your business — all for an affordable monthly fee.

Why choose ICS’s Managed IT Services?

Proactive monitoring and maintenance that spots issues and resolves them before they can cause downtime

Anti-malware and threat detection tools to keep your IT network safe from cyberattacks

Customized IT strategy from our experts, who will guide you through the process

For a flat monthly fee, you get all the IT services you need instead of hiring an expensive in-house IT team

Your business is prepared for any disaster with our comprehensive business continuity plan and timely data backups

Our support staff provides round-the-clock IT support whenever you need it

We offer a comprehensive suite of IT services to help your
business succeed

IT Support

Our courteous support staff will troubleshoot and resolve all of your IT issues and queries as soon as they arise

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IT Consulting

Our consultants will help you plan and execute your major IT projects efficiently and within budget and create a long-term IT strategy that suits your needs

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Data Recovery

With a solid business continuity plan and timely data backups, your business will easily recover when a disaster strikes

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Cybersecurity Services

Your system is safe from cyberattacks with our comprehensive solutions that proactively monitor and eliminate threats

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Business Security

Keep an eye on your premises with our advanced surveillance systems

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Cloud Computing

Increase accessibility, improve collaboration, and enable remote working through the latest cloud computing solutions

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New Jersey businesses trust Integrated Computer Services for all their IT needs

The team at ICS has always been quick to respond to any issue we may have had with out IT services. They provide competent and professional support with calmness and understanding when the issue at hand is usually stressful for our small company. They provide a great peace of mind.

Gary Smerillo

Frequently Asked Questions

Managed IT Services refer to the practice of outsourcing the company’s technology management and support to a service provider, with the purpose of improving business operations while reducing costs.
Instead of investing heavily on technology and IT personnel, many companies would be much better off saving most of this money and paying a reasonable monthly fee to an expert IT partner instead. Small companies will still get the benefits of optimized technology but without the heavy costs associated with technology.
Yes, we can! This is part of our role as your Managed IT Services provider and our goal is to get you the best technology at the best price possible, so we’ll negotiate with vendors on your behalf.
On the surface, it doesn’t look like much can be improved but in our experience as IT experts, we can always find ways to improve your performance, save money, and update or replace obsolete hardware or software.
It depends on how many users your organization has and the level of support you need. Our outsourced IT operations are always cheaper than hiring your own IT personnel and we can work with you to strike a balance between your needs and budget.

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