IT Support for Construction Companies

Get prompt IT support that resolve your specific needs

Our construction IT services are specifically designed to support the technological needs of construction firms. We understand that because construction companies operate mainly from the field and may run several jobs at one time, they have a unique set of requirements in addition to the basic expectations most organizations have from their IT companies.

Fortunately, ICS is positioned to provide comprehensive construction IT services, from the basics to more sophisticated supports that are geared toward construction firms like yours. Our team is ready to provide IT support 24/7 and ensure your IT solutions are working as planned.

By choosing our IT Support for Real Estate Agencies, you can expect:

  • Advanced IT Support – ICS delivers the IT products and services that most organizations today require to run their businesses, including desktop and server support, file servers, technology vendors, email services, backup storage, and disaster recovery.
  • Virtual Private Networks – we’ll set up VPNs to enable access project files from any location, streamlining project management.
  • 24/7 Support – you won't have to wait until 9AM to speak with a support technician at ICS. We also offer 24/7 emergency IT support
  • Remote Access – with remote access technology, we can gain entry to your network and your devices and fix your IT issues no matter where you are
  • Third-party software vendor support – Our construction IT team is familiar with many types of third-party construction software applications and we can troubleshoot any issues you might have with them
  • Cloud support – we also provide support for cloud-based IT platforms and solutions that you are commonly used in the construction industry

Complete Construction Projects More Efficiently

With construction IT services, you'll be able to boost productivity and efficiency while protecting your organization from costly errors. More flexibility, improved communication, and access to dynamic technologies and applications enable you to complete projects quickly, exceeding your customers' expectations and giving you an edge over competing firms.


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