Law Firm Data Security Compliance

Law firms have long been an attractive target for cybercriminals and malicious insiders because of the valuable and lucrative data they possess. But with cyberattacks growing more advanced by the day — and successful ones resulting in massive reputational loss, remediation costs, and penalties for the victims — law firms must follow strict IT rules and regulations to protect their data.

How Does IT Outsourcing Reduce Costs?

Businesses outsource IT services for a number of reasons. Some seek strategic tech expertise that they don’t have access to in-house. Others have overwhelmed IT teams that need supplemental support. But often, businesses outsource their IT simply because they want to increase their bottom line and save money in the long run.

What Technology Do Law Firms Use?

It’s no secret that technology is one of the biggest drivers of growth, particularly in the legal industry. Advancements in tech have streamlined lawyer-client communications, simplified case management, and automated research and discovery. But in order to achieve these benefits, law firms must invest in the right technology.

Pros & Cons of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is now at the forefront of business technologies, having proven its value in the face of an ongoing global pandemic and the massive shift to telecommuting. Industry experts believe that the trend of adopting cloud solutions will only continue to grow and develop further in the next few years.