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Do you have a comprehensive data recovery plan in place?

Disasters can occur anytime and anywhere without notice. Fires, floods, power outages, and server failures are just a few unexpected events that can negatively impact your Tampa business. You need a detailed data recovery plan so all your files can be restored as quickly as possible to prevent any loss of customers and market share, and delays in service. ICS will create a comprehensive data backup and recovery strategy so you can get back to business quickly in the event of a disaster. If you’re facing a data loss situation, our experts can safely recover your vital data from almost any known media type, including flash drives, hard drives, servers, mobile devices, and more.

Why choose ICS’s Tampa Data Recovery Services?


Cutting-edge data recovery tools and software


Rapid data backup and restoration in the event of a disaster


All your data is backed up on State-of-the-art, secure cloud servers


Regularly tested backup processes to ensure reliability


Advanced encryption and security processes keep your data secure in our servers


Our backup processes are in line with industry regulations

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I want to thank the entire staff of Integrated Computer Services! They are always helpful on our "mayday mayday, computer down" moments. A special thanks to Mazzy and Jake! You guys are awesome!

Magdalena Koniuszewski

Frequently Asked Questions

We will inspect your hard drive and run a number of tests to determine what can be recovered.
Data recovery is a specialized skill that is very complex and delicate. Our expert data recovery technicians are certified to do this task and they use specialized tools to recover as much data as possible.
We need to evaluate the damage and figure out which tools and techniques are going to be used in recovering your data. Get in touch with us and we’ll give you more information about this process.

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