What Technology Do Law Firms Use?

What Technology Do Law Firms Use?

It’s no secret that technology is one of the biggest drivers of growth, particularly in the legal industry. Advancements in tech have streamlined lawyer-client communications, simplified case management, and automated research and discovery. But in order to achieve these benefits, law firms must invest in the right technology.

In this blog, we’ll discuss how to address the unique needs of your practice and help you select the best tech solutions for you and your team.

How do you assess your law firm’s technological needs?

Before we dive into the different technologies that can benefit your practice, you should assess the individual needs of your attorneys, clients, and law firm. It’s important to identify the unique problems in the organization and processes that could be improved with the right technological changes.

Make sure to consider the following areas:

  • Attorney needs – For attorneys to turn a profit, they must effectively communicate with clients, maximize tasks and caseloads, and accurately track time and billing. They’re also likely to experience boosted efficiency and productivity with precise note-taking capabilities and faster access to information.
  • Client needs – Clients must feel truly cared for and informed when communicating with your team. They also expect to receive or quickly obtain up-to-date information about their cases as well as successfully resolve their legal problems.
  • Company needs – In general, your practice requires an organized and functional infrastructure to suitably support your needs. Easy team collaboration, secure and streamlined case management, and simplified financial and accounting processes contribute significantly to the success and growth of your law firm.

Expert consultants can help you gather insights into the distinct requirements of these three important elements and enable you to make sound technological decisions for your practice.

What are the must-have tech solutions for your law firm?

The following essential legal technologies can help you maximize efficiency in your practice as well as improve your client experience.

1. Case management tool
This software lets you store and consolidate various case information into a comprehensive database. You can link together contracts, documents, notes, calendar events, time records, and billings related to an individual case so that all details are in one place.

With this tool, you and your legal team can easily access real-time case developments and track status updates in a single dashboard. What’s more, you can spend less time looking for critical information and more time working on billable tasks.

2. Document management program
This is a program in which you can save and organize documents as well as image, audio, and video files according to custom categories, folders, and authors. With useful search, filter, and sort functions, you'll be able to locate any file in a matter of seconds.

If you opt for cloud-based document management systems, you can also access your legal documents from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection and automatically back up your files in a secure data center.

3. Contact management software
This software keeps track of your law firm’s interactions with clients, witnesses, outside counsel, vendors, and other third parties. You can record conversations across emails, phone calls, and in-person meetings, and refer back to them for follow-ups and future calls at any time.

And because you have an overview of all of your law firm’s clients and contacts, you can quickly check for any conflicts in schedules.

4. Task management application
With this app, you can create to-do lists and keep tabs on the progress of various tasks. You can also arrange tasks according to due date, which is useful if you want to quickly determine which tasks should be prioritized.

What’s more, you can add time estimates to tasks so it’s easier to forecast the amount of work a particular case needs. And when you compare estimates against the actual time spent on a case, you can better predict legal budgets for clients.

5. Time tracking and billing software
This software has a timer that you can use to track your billable hours. You can pause it when you’re on a break or working on another task, or stop it once you’ve completed your project. You can also add notes that indicate which tasks and projects you are working on.

From the logbooks, the software’s billing feature can automatically create invoicing entries. You only have to take a quick look at each final bill to ensure that all time entries are accurate and complete. Then, at any time, you can email approved invoices in bulk to each client.

6. Online payment processing solution
Instead of being restricted to paying in person or having to mail a check, your clients can easily send payments from their computer or mobile device using a credit card, debit card, or eCheck.

What’s great about an online payment processing solution is that all sensitive information is encrypted and transmitted directly between financial institutions. Ultimately, this lets you accommodate the preferences of your clients and, at the same time, process payments securely.

7. Password manager
This is a tool designed to manage and secure your online credentials. It automatically generates unique and complex passwords for your accounts and stores them in an encrypted database. All you have to do is to create and commit to memory a master password, and you can easily log in to all of your other accounts.

Using a password manager is especially beneficial for your law firm because it protects your accounts and passwords from cybercriminals. What’s more, it automatically fills in your credentials for every website, saving you time that could eventually add up for more value-generating activities.

Your law firm needs a tech partner

Integrating the necessary tech into your practice can significantly enhance your efficiency, productivity, and profitability. This, in turn, could lead to exponential growth for your firm and an increase in client acquisition.

However, embracing new IT can be challenging. This is why you need a reliable tech partner that can handle all your IT concerns and set you up for success. We at Integrated Computer Services can do that and more. Get in touch with us today!

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