How Does Your Company Rank In Terms Of Technology?

How Does Your Company Rank In Terms Of Technology?

There all different types of businesses out there, all having different strengths, weaknesses,
wants and needs. But one thing is certain, technology is present in every business, office, cubical,
and meeting! Technology is everywhere. Although technology is a part of all businesses, it serves a
unique role in each. Most businesses will generally fall under one of three categories when it comes
to their technical needs. Companies can be either technology strategic,
dependent or adverse
. Take a look and find what category your company can relate to.

Every business should strive to fall under the technology strategic category when it comes to their
technology. This will help give your business that competitive advantage that it needs. Strategic
technology minded businesses embrace technology advancement and use it to make their business
better. This means that they are always looking for ways to use technology to improve their business
processes and increase workforce efficiency which enables them to serve the customers better and
become more profitable. This relationship with technology will ensure that your company is ahead of
the competition. Businesses that practice technology strategic philosophies are not scared of change
and the unknown, they are willing to accept the fact that technology is constantly changing. In
order to succeed today you must embrace these advances and use them to benefit your business! The
faster you accept this the faster your company will succeed in today's business environment. Every
business that is looking to grow and thrive should take the technology strategic approach.

Next down the line are the companies that fall under the dependent category. These are the
businesses that use new technologies only when they have to. Dependent companies would probably
prefer to stay away with advancing their technology, but the industry they are in demands it and
their business will sink without it. This causes them to do only what they have to. The problem with
these businesses are that they will never pass the competition, and excel in a technical world like
the one we live in today. They are doing the bare minimum and are not fully embracing the potential
improvements that technology will bring. Dependent businesses do not realize that technology isn't
avoidable, it is a necessity for a successful and growing business. These companies feel like it
will cost them more money for IT infrastructure improvements when in actuality a large portion of
these technical advances will actually save them money in the long run and help them to become more
profitable. Advancing your technical capabilities will make you look more professional and help
bring in more potential business. With technology being so relevant in today's society, a potential
client will be able to tell if your business is lacking in this department. If this is the case, you
will probably hear that they took their business to one of your competitors who fall under the
Strategic technology category. Don't be afraid to dive in head first and make all the necessary
technology advances.

The last and subsequently the most embarrassing category for your business to fall under would be
technology adverse. This category is for all the old timers out there who want absolutely nothing to
do with modern technology. These are antiquated businesses that are stuck in their old ways and have
no intention of embracing newer technology. They refuse to keep up with the current times. This is
very harmful to their business because there will be a time when they become completely useless in
their field and their business practices have been outdated. This is something that will turn off
current clients and they will not be able to take you seriously. If your business falls under this
category we suggest that you make drastic changes to your network infrastructure or throw in the
towel and submit to your competition. We say this because there is no possible way to keep up in the
business world without learning and fully embracing these new technologies! These outdated
businesses will be fully replaced by newer technology strategic businesses who are open and willing
to accept and embrace new technology!!

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